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They can be used at any stage

Teacher stickers can be used to reward both primary and secondary school learners. Unlike using other material or monetary rewards, in this method, it is the message that the sticker carries that matters, and not necessarily the value of the sticker. The learner receiving the reward feels that they are recognised and that they are unique at whatever level they may be. Stickers stand no chance of being viewed as insufficient to reward the achievement in question.

Stickers for schools are unique

Rewards are most effective when they are unique. It is not a bad idea to give gifts, or any other material thing, to appreciate exemplary performance of a learner. However, it is most unlikely that such a present will be totally unique.

Stickers, on the other hand, will contain an appreciation message that is particular to the achievement in question. For example, the top student in the first term of the year 2011, if given a sticker for that, may have it with the following words; Top Student First Term 2011. In addition, it could even bear the name of the student being rewarded. This is a situation where no one else ever had such a sticker, neither will there be in future. That uniqueness makes them feel great, unique and highly motivated.

Stickers can be used in various ways

The power of reward stickers lays in the fact that they can be used in many different ways. Most teachers love putting them on the test papers before giving the papers back to the learners. Others have come up with very creative ways like designing badges on which the stickers are pasted. The student then wears the badge, and lets everyone appreciate their achievement.

A sticker can also be put on a certificate. That would go a step further in motivating the learners. Giving the learners a sticker book on which they add a sticker every time they do well, or creating a board with the names of the students and stickers besides them for all their achievements, are some of the other ways. The methods are simply inexhaustible and they can go as far as the teachers creativity can take them. custom keychains

They have long-lasting effects

It would be of little use to motivate a pupil for a short time only. The most effective rewards are those that have lasting effects after the reward has been given. That is one outstanding characteristic of reward stickers. The pupil can keep them and derive motivation from them for months or years that follow.

It is not always about positive rewarding

There has been a lot of debate on how misbehaving students should be handled. A universally accepted idea is that withdrawing something that a child likes, makes them realise that there are undesirable consequences of misbehaving. This is where the stickers come in; a teacher makes a chart on which well behaving children get stickers to their names. Whenever the student misbehaves, a sticker is removed from their name and they are told why that is done.

People have different opinions about the use of teacher stickers to reinforce the learning process, but it is no doubt that this method has stood out to be among the best. The fact that it has been used for a really long time, tells a lot about its effectiveness. They become even more effective when they are used with school postcards that reach the parents directly. Most parents have appreciated them and agree that they go a great way in motivating young children.

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