A Quick Look at Los Angeles Vacation Attractions

Los Angeles is a sprawling coastal metropolis boasting a spectacular Southern California setting. With its hundreds of attractions, scenic vistas and almost-perfect climate, the city draws vacationers like a magnet. Every year countless people from throughout the world spend their Los Angeles vacation, and their reasons for doing so are nothing short of legion.

Often the first place that comes to mind when people think about taking a west coast American vacation, Los Angeles is highly sophisticated and the second-largest city in the United States. As such the city features some simply stunning architecture and the usual array of other urban vacation enticements such as renowned museums and art galleries. But the city also offers additional, special inducements that are not really available elsewhere, including outstanding fusion cuisine, shopping on Rodeo Drive and the possibility of movie star sightings.

Not everything in Los Angeles relates to its urban sophistication: seemingly wedged between the Santa Monica and San Gabriel mountains, an arid desert and the sparkling Pacific Ocean, it’s hard to imagine a place that offers a broader range of outdoor activities. Swimming, surfing, boating and deep-sea fishing; yoga on the beach and rollerblading on the streets; hiking in the heights of the mountains and explorations amidst the desert’s solitude; and my oh my, the fabulous amusement parks. They’re all just a stone’s throw away.

Los Angeles has many nicknames, and they’re just as varied as its many vacation attractions. Most often it’s just called “L.A,.” a short and sweet abbreviation, but because the city is known for being a bit quirky, it’s sometimes called “La La Land.” The Hollywood district is often called “Tinseltown,” referring to its status as the glitzy, glamorous center of the world’s film and television industry. Tours that drive by the homes of renowned film and television stars are easy to find, but star-struck vacationers are sometimes treated to something even better: glimpses of Hollywood actors and actresses going about their business in the city’s restaurants, shops and theaters. And these same movie and television buffs almost always visit Hollywood’s spectacular Chinese Theatre and the inlaid stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 1818 angel number

The famous Hollywood Sign, located on the side of the city’s tallest mountain, is only one of many iconic Los Angeles landmarks. The eclectic boardwalk scene at nearby Venice Beach is another and is rich with bikini-clad rollerbladers, together with artists, fortune tellers, belly dancers and other colorful street performers. Muscle Beach in Venice is appropriately named, with an outdoor weight room once used by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor who began as a world-class body builder but is now the Governor of California. And the classic ocean liner the Queen Mary, docked in nearby Long Beach harbor, serves as a beautiful reminder of the elegance of trans-Atlantic crossings in the not-so-distant past.

As for the arts, the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art houses a rich variety of paintings, sculptures, costumes, textiles and decorative arts from throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. The Getty Center’s exhibits include pre-20th century European paintings, drawings and sculptures. But these two museums are far from the only art museums in the city. To the contrary, Los Angeles has enough outstanding museums and art galleries to satisfy almost any art buff.

Los Angeles is easy to get to, no matter where you’re coming from. Regularly scheduled flights from around the world arrive daily at Los Angeles International (LAX), the city’s largest airport, but five smaller airports also serve this fabulous vacation city.

If you’re looking for a vacation spot that is constantly abuzz with activity, a place that’s unfailingly trend-setting, energetic and creative, or a place where a large number of cultures and ethnic groups all intermingle, a Los Angeles vacation is ideal. The city’s cutting-edge arts and architecture, along with its world-renowned amusement parks, are without peer. If your taste runs more toward outstanding shopping, fine dining or a lively nightclub scene, this city is perfect. But a vacation in Los Angeles, with its nearly endless sunny beaches, lofty mountain panoramas and sweeping desert vistas, is also perfect if you seek a relaxing retreat. No matter what you’re looking for, Los Angeles has it all.


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